Thursday, October 13, 2011

Stamps and Stickers

Talmage has been a lucky boy and has gotten a couple of fun birthday packages in the mail! We're waiting to celebrate his birthday until my mom is here, after the baby is born, but in the meantime he has loved the presents he has gotten (thanks Kiersten and Grandma Sue!). Here are a few pictures of him playing with a stamp and sticker kit.

 He loved it...look at that intense concentration!

He wanted to put stickers on his cheeks.

He thought it was so funny!

He also wanted to stamp his face...that's where I drew the line (after taking a picture, of course). :)


  1. Uh, how come baby counter says 2 days to go?

  2. I know, lame, huh? It's time to delete that deceiving little gadget...

  3. I see, it's counting up now. That should make you feel just great ... ;)


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