Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Splish Splash

Sigh...we're still waiting for a new baby at our house! Yesterday was my original due date (it was moved up early in my pregnancy after an ultrasound showed me measuring a few days early) so I am wondering if perhaps that is what is causing the delay. Or maybe just genetics...late babies run in my family. In the meantime we have stayed busy with things such as:

-the Children's Museum
-the library
-multiple trips to Hobby Lobby
-walking around the mall
-garage sale shopping
-the park
-a 4 mile walk (yesterday)
-Sprinkles cupcakes
-ward service project
-and on...and on...and on. Pretty much anything that gets us out of the house is a good option.

We were weeding a garden area for a ward service project on Saturday and of course, given where we live, there were many, many bugs. Talmage was playing with a ladybug and declared that it was "Daddy's turn." So Sam held it for a minute and then Talmage took it back for "Mommy's turn." I held it for a minute before he grabbed it and declared, "Baby's turn!" and then set it on my stomach and let it crawl around there! It was so sweet and rather comical. I am so excited for Talmage to meet his little brother.

Here are a few pictures of him splashing in the bath after a haircut a week or two ago.

That happy face helps cheer up this miserable, overdue pregnant woman!

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