Tuesday, August 9, 2011

It's Fun to be Poor!

One good thing about being on a tight student budget is that it encourages a lot of creativity in the dates and other activities we do as well as gifts we give. One time we each had a few dollars to spend at the dollar store and were assigned various courses of a dinner to buy. We ended up with quite the array of funny dollar store food for dinner, which we enjoyed at the park! A few weeks ago we went to Whole Foods and took advantage of the many cheese samples they had out, ate some goat cheese/tomato/pesto pizza (SO yummy), and got a few ounces of cashew butter, almond butter, and pecan butter to try at home. Sometimes it ends up that we weren't able to arrange a babysitter, so we have stay-at-home dates, like this one:
My sister brought us back these dinosaur models from her mission in Taiwan and we had never put them together. So the other night Sam picked up a sampler or Taco Bell's dollar menu items and we enjoyed our food and then raced to assemble our awesome T-Rex models. (Thanks, Breanne!) Another time recently we had a candlelit dinner of waffles and enjoyed a documentary afterwards. Once we went to IKEA and had a little scavenger hunt where we tried to find random items on our lists.
I could go on, but the point is just that when you're determined to find good, inexpensive fun, the options are endless!


  1. So glad you guys got some use out of those dinosaur models!! :)

  2. Is that you and Sam on a date? So skinny! :-D

  3. I guess Talmage has the "gotta get a drink from the jug" gene.


    Grandpa Brady


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