Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Tonight as I scrubbed up the kitchen after a long day with a fussy toddler I thought...

I'm grateful for the dirty dishes because they mean we have plenty of food to eat.

I'm grateful for the crying that has filled the house throughout the day because it means my son is growing and developing the way he should and his body is capable of fighting off infection.

I'm grateful for the sickness and exhaustion I feel because it means I have another miraculous little life developing within me.

I'm grateful for the long long, long, long hours spent alone because they mean my husband has amazing educational opportunities and serves willingly in Church callings.

I'm grateful for the bills to pay because they mean we have electricity, phones, running water, and more.

I'm grateful for the way I miss my family and Utah because it means I have good family relationships and wonderful memories of the place I was raised.

I'm grateful for the poor student life we live because it means we're learning about faith, frugality, and sacrifice.

I'm grateful for Sam's long commute because it means we can live in a safe area, far away from the crime that permeates the area surrounding his lab.

Looking at life through lenses of gratitude always helps me during times of discouragement.


  1. . . . and thanks for bringing tears to my eyes because it means I have you to remind me . . .


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