Wednesday, June 29, 2011

25 Weeks

For those who have requested, I am posting a picture of me at about 25 weeks. Ignore the dazed expression on my face...I am not a big fan of taking belly pictures in the first place, and add that to the fact that the camera was on timer mode and you get a kind of goofy picture. :) We can hardly wait for our second little guy to be here!


  1. Yeah! So happy for the picture! Your tummy is TINY, by the way. When I ever get married and pregnant, you can bet that I will probably look like that at 5 weeks, not 25.

  2. Ha-the weird thing is that when I was pregnant with Talmage, I got stretch marks just about everywhere *except* my belly--no joke. Not a single stretch mark on my belly, but it looks like I have been attacked by a bear elsewhere. I just sort of inflate all over. :)


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