Wednesday, June 29, 2011

25 Weeks

For those who have requested, I am posting a picture of me at about 25 weeks. Ignore the dazed expression on my face...I am not a big fan of taking belly pictures in the first place, and add that to the fact that the camera was on timer mode and you get a kind of goofy picture. :) We can hardly wait for our second little guy to be here!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Another Video

Talmage has been very into body parts for the past few months. Here is a video I took of him naming some of his body parts. He was a little sick at the time, so pardon the nose blowing...he will blow his nose on just about anything around him if it's bothering him. It cracks me up to see him think about where his belly is--"Bewy, bewy, bewy...bewy?"

At the end, he sings a song to his "baby." All stuffed animals lately are his "babies." He didn't like stuffed animals much until recently, but now he carries them around, patting them on the back, feeding them pieces of his food, giving them drinks...the works. I have been meaning to get him a baby doll before we bring home our little guy from the hospital so he can practice being soft with babies, but it looks like that may not be necessary. Make sure your volume is up loud enough that you can hear his singing--it's so precious! I hope he loves babies this much in a few months when his little brother joins us. :)

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Picky About Produce

Talmage enjoys certain types of fruit--but only if they measure up to his criteria. Apples must be exactly crispy enough, watermelon must be crisp, juicy, and sweet, bananas must be slightly green, strawberries and grapes must be firm, and the list goes on. He will often reject pieces of fruit and ask for different ones in hopes that they will be more appealing to him. Here he is enjoying a crispy apple.

He does a pretty good job with a whole apple, but doesn't care for slices very much.
And as a side note, here is one of Talmage's drawings from a few weeks ago. It is actually turned sideways (tilt your head to the left to see it the right way), but you get the idea. It just cracks me up how he doesn't scribble, but meticulously writes letter-like symbols all across the page. He definitely watches what we do and tries to imitate it!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Sidewalk Chalk

I invested in a big box of sidewalk chalk the other day--it was one of the best $1.50 or so I ever spent.

He was very excited about the fact that the chalk would get on his hands. He knows he isn't supposed to draw on himself with pens, but sometimes he makes little marks anyway. He always comes up to me afterward saying, "Body! Body!" because I tell him we don't draw on our bodies. (It's always amusing to see him tell on himself.) So when the chalk got on his body and it was okay, he was delighted!
So delighted, in fact, that he wanted his face to join in the fun.
And his legs. I'm glad chalk washes off easily.
The other part of the whole thing he loved was throwing the pieces of chalk as hard as he could onto the sidewalk and watching them break...

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Fun at the Splash Pad

The park around the corner from us has a fun splash pad that they keep on during the summertime. It is such a nice place to cool off in this crazy heat! Talmage loves it.

This little kid randomly ran up to Talmage and gave him a hug before running off again. Talmage was somewhat alarmed.

He kept squealing "Wa-wee!!! Wa-wee! Wa-wee!" As much as I try to encourage him to say words correctly, I will definitely miss his cute little versions. :)

It really looks like he is getting nailed in the face here--don't worry, he was behind the stream of water. :)

I got these sunglasses at the dollar store when my old ones broke. I didn't realize quite how big they were until after I bought them and put them on--I looked very high maintenance wearing them. And Talmage looks hilarious!
He showed the person sitting next to us.
And then he strutted around with his nose in the air like this, partly to keep the glasses from falling off and partly because he thought he was pretty cool!
I'm sure we'll make many returns this summer!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

A Season of Birthdays

In my family, the three of us kids that are married all happened to marry people whose birthdays fall within a couple of weeks of our own! Sam's birthday is May 26th, and mine is June 13th. Among the highlights of this year's birthday season is the fact that Sam is now 26 and old enough he doesn't have to be part of the draft anymore. :)
We celebrated Sam's birthday with a couple of fiercely competitive games of croquet in the backyard...
(Here we are after the games)
...a birthday dinner consisting of chicken alfredo, strawberry spinach salad, Brazilian lemonade, and watermelon...
(Even Talmage--our little pasta hater--approved of this kind!)
...yummy Oreo cake...
...with lots of cream cheese frosting...
...and an Oreo fudge filling...
...and some new shoes.
We also had a great time on my birthday, although I slacked on the pictures. Sam took care of dinner (complete with an ice cream cake), brought me lilies and a card, gave me a new CD, and set up plans to follow our tradition of seeing an IMAX film around my birthday! Our first date was on June 14, 2008, and we went to the Clark Planetarium in Salt Lake and saw an IMAX film. The next year we were married and did the same thing to celebrate my birthday. The year after that we were here in Houston, so we went to the Museum of Natural Science and saw a movie at the IMAX theatre there. This year we have to take a rain check for a week or two due to scheduling issues, but we'll get there eventually!
Our families were incredibly generous as well. We got numerous gifts including a Kindle and a canner with canning supplies! I'm so excited to bottle peaches this year. All in all, we had a great time. Thanks to everyone for your thoughtfulness!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Tonight as I scrubbed up the kitchen after a long day with a fussy toddler I thought...

I'm grateful for the dirty dishes because they mean we have plenty of food to eat.

I'm grateful for the crying that has filled the house throughout the day because it means my son is growing and developing the way he should and his body is capable of fighting off infection.

I'm grateful for the sickness and exhaustion I feel because it means I have another miraculous little life developing within me.

I'm grateful for the long long, long, long hours spent alone because they mean my husband has amazing educational opportunities and serves willingly in Church callings.

I'm grateful for the bills to pay because they mean we have electricity, phones, running water, and more.

I'm grateful for the way I miss my family and Utah because it means I have good family relationships and wonderful memories of the place I was raised.

I'm grateful for the poor student life we live because it means we're learning about faith, frugality, and sacrifice.

I'm grateful for Sam's long commute because it means we can live in a safe area, far away from the crime that permeates the area surrounding his lab.

Looking at life through lenses of gratitude always helps me during times of discouragement.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Another Baby Boy!

As most of you know, we are expecting another baby boy in October! I am due October 12, which is incidentally the day after Talmage's birthday. That puts me at about 22 weeks along right now. Things are going well! My doctor routinely does pretty regular ultrasounds, so I thought I would post some pictures. Watching the rapid growth is absolutely fascinating to me.
Here is the baby at 6 weeks along. See the dashed line between the two plus marks? That is measuring the length of the baby. The other speck there is the beginning of the yolk sac.
Here is another picture, this time without the dashed line. It's really just a smudge on the screen, but the doctor could already see a heartbeat! Incredible.
These images are from just 3 weeks later, when I was about 9 weeks pregnant. Here we have a little peanut! The head is tilted slightly downward on the left, and you can see the little arm buds coming out of the sides of the body.
This is the change that really gets me. Just 4 weeks later, at 13 weeks along, we have a full-blown baby with fingers and toes and everything!
Then came the day of the big ultrasound, which just happened to fall on Sam's birthday! What a great birthday present! Along with finding out that we're getting another little boy (Wahoo!!!) we got to see a bunch more images of the baby. In fact, they took over 80 pictures! It was such a relief to discover that the baby is growing well and developing normally--especially in light of the mess with the tonsillitis/peritonsillar abscess I had when I was about 5 weeks along. Of course, that was the time the baby was the most vulnerable, so having a fever and taking medications really concerned me. It is such a comfort to see that everything appears to be normal. Now the ENT just has to check on me periodically throughout the pregnancy until he can remove my tonsils after the baby is born. Here is the front view of the face.
And here is the hand--see the fingers on the left side of the screen? He was pointing!
And here is his leg. Take a look at the size of that foot!!! When Talmage was born, there was meconium in the amniotic fluid, so they had to take him right away and check him out. While I was waiting for them to bring him to me, the nurse came and told me, "He has really long feet" (See them here). When they stamped his footprints on the certificate, there wasn't enough room and the prints overlapped the writing on the top and bottom! It looks like we're getting another bigfoot. :) His foot is longer than his shin! See how his toes totally curl around? I love this image of his leg all curled up against his belly.
The bottom view of his super long foot
He was all nestled up in the corner, so there was too much tissue around him to get really great 3D shots, but here are 2 they gave us. Talmage loves this one. He sees it and starts exclaiming, "Baby! Baby!" I didn't think he could really make it out, but then yesterday he said, "Nose!" When I asked him where the nose was, he pointed right at it. And this morning he came into the bathroom where I was getting ready holding this picture and saying, "Baby! Baby!" When I came out all the other ultrasound pictures were scattered on the floor. I guess he can see the baby face in there!
This one is hard to see, but it's a profile shot. If you look toward the right hand side of the shot, you can see the little inset for eyes, the nose, and the mouth. The back of the head is on the left side. Think of his head being open and seeing a view into his brain in the middle of the screen and you'll probably be able to make it out. And his little fist is curled up and resting on his forehead! I guess he was stressed? Or maybe just thinking hard.
Anyway, we're thrilled about this new addition that will be coming to our family! With Talmage I measured about 6 days behind at my 20 week ultrasound, and he was 4 days late. This baby is measuring just about right on, so we'll see--maybe we'll have a double birthday!
If you want to compare with Talmage's ultrasound pictures, you can see his here. I think they look pretty similar, although it's hard to tell with ultrasounds!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

A Puzzle

I realized I hadn't posted a video for quite a while, so here is one of Talmage working on a puzzle. He loves doing puzzles! I love watching his concentration.

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