Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Return to Bayou Bend Gardens

Last August, when my sister Breanne came to visit, we dropped by to see Bayou Bend Gardens. We were told that springtime is the prettiest because all of the flowers are in bloom. So a couple of weeks ago we made a return to the gardens, and this time Sam came with us!
The flowers really did add gorgeous splashes of color.
Sam and I try very hard to go on a date every week. But it gets tricky to arrange a babysitter every week! There aren't that many babysitters in our ward, and we do swap with other parents as much as we can, but sometimes we still end up with Talmage in tow. Thankfully he is usually very good-natured while we are out and about. He was particularly happy here!
The mansion
Beautiful flowers--someday I hope to create a sanctuary at a house of our own with lots of flowers and trees.
Talmage was in awe of the fountains.

Happy family!
Sam was trying to take an overhead picture of the butterfly garden (pictured below this picture), and this is how one of them ended up. I thought it was artistic...
Here is the butterfly garden--it is hard to tell from this angle, but it is in the shape of a butterfly, and the path through the middle is the butterfly's body.
Good sport.
We spotted this tiny snail on the ground! It's not even as big as my fingernail!
We are always looking for cheap/free, creative, fun things to do for our dates, and these gardens were an absolutely delightful place to spend our Saturday morning.


  1. It looks gorgeous! Maybe someday spring will come to Utah (by then it will be full-on summer for you, though). I do love the overhead picture of Talmage - the shadows are very artsy.

  2. I like your shirt. The butterfly garden totally looks like a butterfly garden. And I don't know if the flowers make it more beautiful, but the thought of less heat and humidity in March make it seem much more pleasant!

  3. I love looking at your spring pictures as I'm anxiously awaiting spring here in Utah. Maybe some day it will come around. :)
    P.S. You look so beautiful and I love your shirt!


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