Tuesday, April 19, 2011

All About Food

Here is Talmage after "eating" his bowl of oatmeal one morning.
He just loves helping me cook! The problem is, he thinks he should be able to sample whatever we're making at any given time. This can create difficulties when I dump in butter or sugar, for example, and he takes a handful out of the bowl while my back is turned, messing up the proportions in the recipe. Here we are mixing up some no-bake cookies to take on a picnic! We met Sam for his lunch break and went to a park near the hospital at which he works to enjoy our lunch. It was so worth the half hour drive even though he could only be there for 15 minutes or so. It took us back to our Provo/BYU days when we would go on picnics all the time.
I had some sliced up apples sitting on the table just before dinner one day, and Talmage decided he didn't want to wait to eat one. He couldn't reach them, though, so he grabbed a fork and used it to stab an apple and then ate it off the fork.
Talmage has this somewhat strange love for sour cream. On this day, he started dipping pretzels in sour cream and eating them. It was hilarious to see him load up the pretzels so there was about twice as much sour cream as there was pretzel in his hand! At least it was light sour cream, right? It's practically nutritious. :)

P.S. Pardon his messy hair in all of these pictures! I finally cut it and it stays in place much better than it did when these pictures were taken. Just don't look too closely at his hair...a certain wiggly person didn't like the clippers and kept trying to grab them from me as he jerked away from them. Cutting Sam's hair is easier. :)


  1. Maybe you should start throwing some chopped broccoli in your recipes just to see if he shoves that in his mouth too.

    Love the apple on the fork!

    I think toddlers are obsessed with dipping. They all do it - it still cracks me up when I see my nursery kids dipping their crackers in their water, and Peter will dip almost anything. He's a ketchup fiend too.

    I don't know what you mean by light sour cream being practically nutritious. It's the other way around. Maybe if you had the full-fat kind, he wouldn't have to load up so much ;). I read somewhere that toddlers need 40% of their calories to be fat. Talmage just has to eat straight butter and sour cream to get there. Now if only he liked fudge ...

  2. Dipping is fun for adults, too. The other day my friend started dipping her pb&j sandwich in her yogurt (which I thought was kind of weird, but whatever!).

  3. Yeah, bread should not be dipped. Especially soft white bread - soggy sandwich = gross!

  4. So Talmage is a sour cream aficionado! I'll have to have some for him when he comes to visit. It's always fun to find out what schtufff kids enjoy eating.


    Grandpa Brady


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