Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Tall Enough

Talmage is getting tall enough to do all kinds of things. We had to put a child lock on the drawer with the knives in it since he can now open drawers and reach in to grab things out. His height mixed with his determination means that he can reach a lot more than I realize. The other day I made a batch of cookies and they were cooling on the counter, back away from the edge. I was doing something in the kitchen, and when I turned around, there was Talmage, munching on a cookie, all smiles!


  1. Yep, that's a happy boy.

    Peter broke our silverware drawer because he isn't content to just reach in and grab whatever his hand finds. He started pulling on the drawer and lifting his feet off the ground to try to do a pull-up to see what was in there and get something specific. Now if you open it more than halfway it sort of falls on you...great. It took a few reminders, but now he stands by the drawer and asks me for stuff that he wants rather than hanging on it. Ah, the joys of toddlers.

  2. I love the cookie thing. Brilliant.

  3. A man's gotta be able to get to his cookies, for sure!

    -Grandpa Brady-

  4. Yeah, the other day Talmage gave me a scare when I was doing my hair and he ran into the bathroom carrying a pair of scissors he got out of a drawer. Within a matter of about half a second he had thrown open the toilet lid and chucked them in. That's what pushed me to drawer locks...

    I'll spare you the details about his emptying the contents of the cupboard under the bathroom sink and filling the toilet with them. Or how he scribbled pen ALL OVER the walls of the stairs as he was going down one day. Or how he climbed up onto a nightstand, fell backwards off of it, and hit his head on a folding chair on the way to the floor. I could go on...this stage is keeping me on my toes! It's not like he's left unsupervised, but he finds trouble so fast!

  5. Wow! I just feel so grateful that Peter doesn't do that. Hanging on the drawer to get out some measuring spoons to make his favorite recipe (brown sugar, peanut butter, and nutella - he asks for those ingredients specifically) is as far as he goes. I only have to worry about him flushing the toilet repeatedly, he's never thrown anything into it! Let's hope he stays so calm.

  6. This reminds me of when I babysat 6 boys when I was in college. The parents didn't have ANY knickknacks, had very plain decor but you could tell there was a lot of love. (I knew why, because they threw balls everywhere.) The parents told me there were some cookies in the frig. When they got home, I was terrified to tell them the boys ate "the whole bag." "Is that all?" they said with an amused smile . . .


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