Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Hot, Hot, Hot

"Hot, hot, hot," said in a whisper was probably one of the first ten things Talmage learned to say. It is still a favorite phrase, and he uses it often. He loves to get oven mitts, put them on his arm, and go to the oven whispering, "Hot, hot, hot!"
By the way, I can't believe how old this little guy is getting and looking. He has reached the point where after playing outside he smells like a sweaty boy instead of a newly lotioned baby. Today I was having visions of him climbing onto the school bus for his first day of kindergarten (kindergarten is all-day here), and I couldn't stand the thought. I think I just might be one of those "car-drop-off" parents...I know, I'm ridiculous to think that far ahead.


  1. Yes, that is ridiculous. You need another little one running around so you won't have time to think about such things. :) (just kidding)

  2. I am a car drop off parent and have been for 3 years now. It has actually worn on me so next year Kai gets to ride the bus. I agree with Breanne, you need another little one to occupy those thoughts!!

  3. Umm, yeah, after Peter plays outside he smells like snow, definitely not sweat. You guys picked the wrong place to live - one should not be sweating in March! :)

  4. I love sweating in March. It is so much better than freezing in March! But I hate sweating come August.

  5. Sending a son off to kindergarten (when that day comes) is certainly difficult.

    Sometimes I get a glimpse of the great things that are ahead for these little guys (Talmage and his cousins and friends)...

    It's a bit overwhelming to ponder.

    Grandpa Brady


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