Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Monkeyin' Around

Here are some more random pictures of our little monkey:
I got to help make costumes for the local high school musical production, and that involved sewing hula hoops into the bottom hems of some robes. Talmage thought the hula hoops were so fun to play with!
He's pretty much done with tearing the kitchen apart, but once in a while a sudden urge strikes him...
He is still completely a daddy's boy. He cries if I take him away from Sam!
Our little family
Watching the backyard lake form--we get it every time it rains much, and it takes days to dry up!
Talmage is still an incredibly picky eater. Yet once in a while he'll throw me a curve ball and absolutely love things like pomegranate seeds, peas, fresh pineapple, etc. (Maybe it has something to do with "p" foods?) Anyway, one night I was making a chicken garlic pizza and mixed up this ranch seasoned sour cream with a fair amount of minced garlic in it. He started begging for the bowl, and in a desperate attempt to keep him happy while I finished making dinner, I gave it to him. I figured he would try a lick and hate it since the garlic was so strong. Imagine my surprise when he sat and cleaned out the bowl! He even tipped it up to his mouth to try to lick it out (hence the big spot on his forehead and his little mustache from the bowl).
Another food he adores is yogurt.
Speaking of trying to keep him happy during dinner preparation, one night I opened the fridge and he climbed in to play with some of the food. I decided to just let him be for a minute or two. When I turned around to check on him, he was biting into Clementines, peel and all!
Then he would throw them on the floor.
I always break sandwich crackers, Oreo cookies, etc. in half, scrape out the filling with my teeth, and then eat the rest. A couple of months ago Talmage started into the same obsession. He always breaks them apart!
Running-somehow he looks so old to me in this picture!
I took him outside with his snack of animal crackers and milk. He thought it was funny to chew up the animal crackers and stick them through his lips, making them look like teeth (you can see it a lot better if you click on the picture).


  1. Oh, he is so so cute! I can't believe how big he is getting!

  2. He looks like he's five in the last picture! The clementines made me laugh out loud - so hilarious to see them on the floor with all those little bites taken out of them.

    And kids have the strangest tastes sometimes. Yesterday Peter begged for some lemon, then ATE the whole slice I gave him to lick - rind and all. He kept saying "sour" and smiling.

  3. Thanks Kim! Katie is just adorable! I love the pictures you take of her.

    Jocilyn-Wow, I can't believe Peter ate the entire lemon slice! Have you found anything he doesn't like??

  4. Love, love your hair. I thought you were anti-hair coloring?

    I also love the backyard pond. You should get ducks.

  5. I'm not really anti-hair coloring--Sam likes it better natural than dark though. I wanted my hair to be the same tone but more brown instead of blah, and I also love how smooth and easy to work with a tint makes it. All Mom had were a couple of blondes, a gold, and a red, so she just made a cocktail and put it on without peroxide. Glad you like it! :)

  6. Amen. I love how my hair is when it is tinted. I actually just tried permanent for the first time--I love it. And I think your hair really looks so great.


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