Monday, February 7, 2011


Every Wednesday 9 year old Cody comes over for a few hours. Talmage just adores him! The two play so sweetly together. Talmage calls him "Cokey." Cody refers to Sam as "Superman," since he looks like Clark Kent, and he refers to me as "Aunt Superman's Wife." No joke! And in case you're wondering, life as Superman's wife is bliss, plain and simple. :)


  1. Such a cute picture!

    Also, I'm so glad that you fixed it so I can stay logged into your blog now - much easier than having to sign in every time!

  2. Ha. Wish I could take credit for "fixing" the sign-in issue. But nope, it wasn't me...sorry that part is so inconvenient. I'm glad it's taken care of at least for the time being.

    P.S. Did you see the post edit? Nothin' like being married to Superman and an adopted aunt all at the same time...

  3. Love the post edit. At first I was like, Cody thinks Sam is his adopted aunt? But then I got it. I love English syntax...

  4. I know...I probably should have put a hyphen in there somewhere...oh well. :)

  5. Talmage is indeed a great buddy to play with! Sam does look like Clark Kent, too.


    Grandpa Brady


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