Thursday, February 24, 2011


Talmage has really gotten into drawing lately. He absolutely loves it! Unfortunately, I have cleaned up more than one mess of scribbling on the wall, but slowly he's learning that drawing is for paper and Sam and I are learning to keep pens and pencils far out of his reach. :)
He holds the pen in the cutest way! Instead of clutching it with his fist as expected, he always holds it with his thumb, first, and middle fingers:

It's a great source of entertainment! He stood at the couch in this position for 5-10 minutes drawing and talking up a storm.
In these pictures he's a lefty--we'll see if that holds out. Both Sam and I are right-handed, but unless I'm mistaken both of Sam's parents are left-handed.


  1. Haha, love the grip he has on that pen! And seriously, shorts in February!?! What is with you people? :)

    Ryan is a leftie, so I'm interested to see what Peter turns out to do. He always eats with his right hand almost exclusively, but most other fine-motor activities he does with his left. Maybe he'll be ambidextrous? Or just from India?

  2. He holds the pen like a lot of people in Taiwan hold chopsticks. I myself am more of a one-finger gripper.

    And do you know that in the ME and Asia they used to punish their children for using their left hand to write? I'm not suggesting this. But maybe he could be dual-handed! :)

  3. PS--I totally support the idea of Peter being from India.

  4. Well, I'm very left-handed and one thing I can tell you about it is that left-handedness gets quite a bit of attention from a lot of people.

    I have this weird opinion (really) that being left-handed can be good for developing verbal skills because you have to spend time explaining it to people, and I also think that left-handedness has a subtle way of engendering tolerance for that which is different.

    Regarding my mission to Bolivia, I suppose that that nation has nearly zero left-handedness in its gene pool, because the Bolivians were utterly amazed to see me write with my left hand. They had never seen a left-handed person before. Their eyes would open in wide astonishment and occasionally they would ask me, "Can you write with your left foot, too?"


    Grandpa Brady


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