Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Yesterday I mentioned that Talmage goes around destroying things. While this is true, I also have to give him points for his obsession with cleaning. He absolutely loves to help me clean!
Here he is sweeping the floor...
...he makes sure to get under the stools.
He's very thorough about it, too.
Vacuuming is another favorite. On this day, he grabbed the extension hose from the real vacuum and started trying to attach it to his little toy one.

Other favorite jobs include wiping up the floor, picking up his toys, cleaning out the lint from the dryer, and throwing anything and everything away. He will throw away his dirty diapers, used dryer sheets, and other garbage for me. He will also throw away toys, cans of food, etc. if I leave the pantry door open where he can access the garbage can. We're working on learning what is garbage and what isn't, but for right now I'm quite pleased with his progress. :)


  1. So that's how your house is always so spotless! :)

    If only their enthusiasm lasted through the years. Peter has a chore - he has to take the empty milk cartons out to the cooler on the front porch and help bring in the newspaper and dairy delivery. This morning he saw an empty carton on the counter and said, "chore!" I said, "You want to do your chore?" and he looked at me and said, "Pweese." I guess if he asks so nicely I'll let him do his work ;).

  2. Cute. I can't wait till I have kids to do my slave labor. Especially if they ask nicely! :)

  3. Love the Peter story! And just know that my house is NOT always spotless...I wish. Since you evidently don't believe me, I guess you'll just have to come visit to see for yourself that it's not the case. :)


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