Friday, January 7, 2011


Note: I hope everyone had a great Christmas! I will try to post some pictures soon, but for now the computer I put all the pictures on needs a new cord and will only stay on for about 5 minutes at a time. So bear with me for a bit longer!

Talmage has been sick. Actually, it all started on Sunday. Church now starts at 8:30 am, and since Talmage was still in recovery mode after our trip, I actually had to wake him up to leave for Church (he normally wakes up between 6 and 7). I hurriedly gave him a sippy cup full of milk to tide him over until we could get to the church and I could give him a granola bar for breakfast. He started gulping down his milk, and about halfway to Church spit up milk down his carseat...twice. I was slightly concerned, but figured he just drank it too fast.

Then, after we arrived at Church, we were talking to the missionaries, and all of a sudden milk spewed from Talmage's mouth, arcing through the air and nearly hitting the elders. It splattered all over the chapel carpet. I plopped him down on the ground, ran out to the car to get some wipes, and began cleaning it up. Sam happened to walk up at that moment (he had a 6:00 am meeting), so he ran to get cleaning supplies, and the missionaries also ran for paper towels. As we cleaned up I said, "This wasn't in your job description, huh?" to the elders. One said, "Well, it's probably in our job description as future dads!" and the other said, "Yeah, they didn't teach us this in the MTC."

After we got that all cleaned up, I settled down in a pew with Talmage. He was being particularly good as Sacrament Meeting started. He was throwing his hand high into the air to sustain people, loudly shouting, "MEN-MEN!" at the end of every prayer, and being very attentive overall. Then, right in the middle of the Sacrament, it happened. His stomach contracted, he let out a cough, and suddenly he was violently throwing up...not just spitting up milk, but throwing up horrible curdled cottage-cheese-like milk mingled with granola bar chunks. I froze in shock for just a moment with my hand thrust under his chin, catching some of the throwup that continued to spurt from his mouth. I was covered, he was covered, the bench was covered, and I was unsure what to do. After a couple of seconds, I could see that I just needed to get him out of there, so I sprang to my feet, ran out the door, and headed down to the women's restroom.

Our home teacher ran along beside me (since Sam was up on the stand), asking questions like, "Do you need anything? Do you need help into the bathroom? The mother's room has a sink, right?" I informed him that I was fine, but he vigilantly stuck with me until we got to the women's restroom, he threw open the door for me, I ran in, and began rinsing things off and taking Talmage's clothes off of him.

At this point the bathroom door started opening and closing as more kind, concerned ward members came to see if I needed help. They also explained that several surrounding priesthood brethren were faithfully scrubbing up the bench. It was apparently quite a challenge, I guess, because the curdled milk just smeared into everything. And boy was that fragrant! I felt so bad for anyone within a 20 foot radius, to say nothing of the men who were cleaning it up. A young woman showed up with the diaper bag and my purse, and I decided I had better not go back into the chapel.

So I plunked Talmage into the carseat, clad in just his diaper and a pair of socks (where was my extra outfit I keep for emergencies???), and we came home. That night, he woke up crying, and when I checked on him, I discovered another puddle of vomit in his crib. The poor boy has thrown up several times since. Thankfully most of our floors are tile so it cleans up really easily! I hope he gets better soon.

The amazing part about the whole thing is that the ward members sitting near me took care of things so smoothly that most of the congregation didn't even have a clue anything out of the ordinary had happened! I am grateful for the kind people that surround us.


  1. Ewww! I feel sicky just reading that. I love the part about the men trying to clean up the bench :). Sounds like things have been real fun there...

  2. Sick. I feel bad for Talmage. But how wonderful that your ward members helped! It would have been horrible if you had to go back in and clean that up...especially since Talmage might have started throwing up again! What was Sam thinking, sitting on the stand watching it all?

  3. Even though I know this story it made me get a little teary eyed to think of the good people coming to my daughters rescue. "Nice to know someone cares."

  4. Maxton threw up all over his babysitter and she didn't call me to come home from work. I guess I am grateful in a way. Anyway, it took Maxton over two weeks to get over his stomach bug. He would be throwing up one day and then act totally fine the next and then be sick again the next day. I was talking to my brother and he told me their pediatrician says that is normal for babies this age. I found the best thing with Maxton was bananas, cheerios, and Pedialyte or apple juice. That is pretty much all he ate for two weeks. On the days he ate anything else we would have problems. Good luck and call me if you need support.

  5. I can't believe he had it for 2 weeks! Poor guy! (And poor you!!) Talmage seems to be over whatever he got. He had a fever for a couple of days, but he seems fine now, and his 15 month checkup was yesterday. The doctor said he probably just had some sort of gastrointestinal virus...thanks for the tips!


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