Thursday, December 2, 2010

Toothbrush Trouble

We just keep getting sick around here! I'm not sure what the deal is...maybe we just aren't used to the air and humidity here yet or something. Anyway, Talmage had (and still has) yet another cold and was feeling very grumpy on this day. I gave him a granola bar and his toothbrush, and he was set.
He offered a slight smile to appease me.
Then we went out on the balcony. Talmage LOVES being outside, and the balcony is a great option because it is fire ant free, unlike the big, buggy backyard. (Don't get me wrong, though-we love it!)
The only trouble is...
...he likes dropping things off of it (namely his toothbrush)!
Doesn't it look like he is challenging me? His face says, "Whatcha gonna do now Mom, huh?" "Well, son, let's go down and pick it up and wash it off with soap and water."
The End.

1 comment:

  1. Cute dinosaur shirt!

    And just wait until he starts going to nursery. I think Peter has had a perpetual runny nose or cough since I started bringing him with me. I guess it's good to build up their immunities now, right...


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