Friday, December 3, 2010

Thanksgiving Festivities

We had a great Thanksgiving! Due to some interesting circumstances we ended up going to 2 different Thanksgiving dinners with families in our ward. We ate one at 1:00 and one at 5:00! There are 3 different men in our ward who work as "Santas" during Christmastime, and I guess they make thousands and thousands of dollars each year doing it! Since we had Thanksgiving dinner with one of these "Santas," he decided to put on his Santa robe and hat and take a picture with Talmage. He looks very convincing doesn't he?
Sam was able to take the day after Thanksgiving off (!), so we went to an amazing Christmas tree farm 2 hours north of us! It was so much fun. If you missed the pictures I posted, you can look at them here:


  1. Talmage looks rather concerned... Doesn't he know Santa brings him TOYS!

  2. Talmage looks so nonplussed by that AWESOME looking Santa! He's got the jolly down! :)


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