Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas Tree Surprise

Sing to tune of "Popcorn Popping."

I walked out of the bedroom and what did I see?
A mixing bowl sitting in the Christmas tree.
Talmage left me such a nice surprise,
A mixing bowl shining right before my eyes.
"I could take a picture," was what I thought,
"Depict the silly boy and his antic I caught."
Oh, this was really so,
It struck me as funny,
A mixing bowl sitting in the Christmas tree!


  1. That's seriously funny! Talmage is just getting smarter every day. Good rhyming, too. I can't wait to see you guys tomorrow! :D

  2. I'm assuming since I didn't hear differently that you made it back okay. Hope you are taking a chance today to recuperate. And since you were able to rescue your camera, maybe we'll see some pictures of your trip. It was fun to see you!

  3. Amen! I want to see pictures! And hear about your exciting adventures. It was great to get to see you guys but (and this is the lame confession!) I was sad because I couldn't read your blog. So write more! :)

  4. I keep checking and hoping, hoping, and checking, but nothing. Is Talmage feeling better?

    We reached two milestones this week - Peter's weight percentile is finally lower than his height percentile (90% weight, 95% height), and I have officially reached my pre-Peter weight. Yes at 24 weeks of pregnancy, I finally weigh the same as when I got married. What a weird family we are.

    Anyway, I'd love to see a new post... Hope you're surviving down there. :)

  5. Talmage is finally feeling better. He hasn't thrown up today! Woohoo! I'm just grateful for a washer that does the dirty work for me, tile floors, and coated crib mattresses.

    Congrats about your...weights. :) I am anxious to see what Talmage weighs! He is finally eating again, but for most of this week he wouldn't eat and kept throwing up, so he was just wasting away! His ribs were completely poking through!

    There should be a new post soon. The computer I put all the pictures on needs a new power cord and currently only stays on for about 5 minutes, so that is why I haven't posted yet. Keep your eyes peeled--maybe I'll break down and put some pictures on the other computer so I can blog them.

    And we are managing to survive in our 70-80 degree blue sky-slight wind weather...just barely hangin' in there. :)


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