Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Stowing Things

Talmage finds great joy in putting things in new places. He loves to "bee-up" (clean up) his toys and throw them in the toybox or into whatever container they belong in, but he also likes transferring things to new places. In the above picture, he opened his pants drawer and proceeded to take out his pants, one by one, and throw them in his dirty clothes hamper. That is a common activity at our house. It is also pretty normal to find a puppet in the bread pans, his sippy cup in his toybox, books in his laundry basket, pictures or recipe books in the basket of blankets, shoes in his sock drawer, and on and on. He loves playing with the laundry as I sort it, and one day he carried off a shirt. I couldn't find it until a few days later I saw it wadded up in the bottom of his toybox! Seeing his little mark spread all through the house is rather endearing. :)


  1. Puppets in the bread pans. Love it!

  2. It's great to see that Talmage is developing his organizational skills!


    Grandpa Brady

  3. I heard good news today! Looks like I won't have to send anything after all...


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