Thursday, October 14, 2010

Talmage's First Birthday

Here are some more details from Talmage's birthday! We celebrated it the day before his actual birthday so that Sam could be part of it.
Excited to open his presents!
A ball! He loves balls, so several from the dollar store made great gifts that fit our graduate school budget. :)
Following the tradition of giving a new "big boy" towel for the first birthday. It's the only birthday you can get away with giving something so boring as a gift...look at his excitement!
He kept spreading it out on the floor and diving down into it to cuddle it. So sweet!

The birthday boy with most of his gifts...just missing a couple we received in the mail. Thanks, everyone!
I made monkey cakes for our little monkey. :) A bigger one for us:
...and a little one all for Talmage.
When I put it in front of him, I'm not sure he quite realized what he was supposed to do with it. He slowly, slowly leaned forward, his mouth partly open, until he stuck his nose right in the frosting! I guess at that point he realized it was food, because he dug in. See the little frosting mark on his nose?
Very smug about things
He started getting really into it...
Smiling at Daddy
He kept "sharing" with us. He likes to grab a piece and holds it high in the air for us to come eat! So cute! He also likes teasing us and will hold it up for us until we are about to eat it, at which point he will quickly shove it in his own mouth and give us a huge grin! We filmed the whole thing, so we caught some of both on camera.
All done!


  1. So cute! I love the cake, and like the frosting on the nose even better.

  2. Totally offended that my gift didn't make it in the picture. I can definitely tell where your priorities are. :)

    Love that cake. I wish you had a video of Talmage putting his face in it!

  3. Sorry I didn't put the book in the picture. He loved it so much it was already with his toys! I know you were kidding, but I had to defend myself anyway. :)

    And we do have a video of him putting his face in it, but sadly it is WAY too big to put on the blog. I'll have to put some on a DVD and send it or something.

    Thanks for calling last night, by the way. Sorry about the weird ending. My friend had brought her next door neighbor (not a member) to the activity, and she was introducing her to me while I was talking to you. Sorry about that! Hope you had a fun night and went rock climbing!

  4. I did go rock climbing. And I love how we are having this conversation on your blog completely unrelated to Talmage's birthday. But maybe for his 2nd birthday you can take him rock climbing. :)


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