Thursday, October 21, 2010

Bayou Bend Gardens

I forgot to blog about our little excursion we took to Bayou Bend Gardens in Houston! My sister Breanne came down in August, right after we moved, and brought us another car! She generously took a week of her two week break between summer term and fall semester to drive the car (thanks, Mom and Dad!) down to us, take a day trip to check out a graduate program at UT-Austin, and hang out with us for a few days! We decided to go find these gardens. It was a bit tricky getting there, but well worth getting lost and having to stop and ask for directions...twice. Beautiful gardens in the middle of skyscrapers really are a neat thing. They have a way of making you feel like you are in your own little sanctuary. The gardens were gorgeous, and we were even informed that we had come at the time of year they were the ugliest. Sam and I are anxious to take a trip back in March (he unfortunately had to be at his lab when we went), because I was told that is when they are the prettiest and all the flowers are in bloom.
In order to come in, we had to cross a long, swaying bridge suspended over Buffalo Bayou. I love those kinds of bridges!

Just so there's no ambiguity here, all of the statues were fully clothed.
You should zoom in on this picture and look at Talmage's face! Just nonchalantly sticking out his tongue...
I'm not sure why, but he was really into sticking his tongue out that day.
Excited about the stick he found!
And yes, he is the king of funny faces. As I review pictures from the time he was born up until now, it is just funny face after funny face (many of which I haven't posted)! I love them!
Bending down to pick something up...
Showing me what he found...
And of course trying to eat it!
The gardens were full of charming little details

It was so great to have Breanne visit us again! And I have loved being able to go places with Talmage! Life is so much easier now that I have a way to get things done that I need to. It is amazing to be able to do grocery shopping (instead of sending Sam at 10:00 at night on his way home or something), go to the post office, go to the bank, and run all of the other errands that are hard to get done when you have no way to get there during business hours! And Talmage is so much happier to have a change of environment when we run our errands. Thanks to everyone who made that possible!

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  1. Wow, I look...wonderful. You can tell how humid it was by how wilted I look! I'm glad you didn't tell about what a wuss I was--after looking at the gardens I went and stood in the air-conditioned building next to the drinking fountain (with Talmage, so I wouldn't look like I just wanted to get out of the heat!) while you waited outside for Sam. It was HOT!

    Ah, August in Houston...


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