Tuesday, September 14, 2010

More Videos

This video was taken a couple of months ago, but it was too cute to not share! I took his socks off one evening, and then I put one between my lips and was blowing it out onto his face. He thought it was hilarious!

Here is Talmage blowing his nose. He does it all the time, and it is actually surprisingly effective. If you listen when I ask him if he can do it some more, he says, "Yeah." He answers that way to almost every question we ask him these days. So cute!

Finally, here is Talmage making some animal sounds. Pardon the extra stuff at the end-our software doesn't allow editing, so I couldn't cut off the part where his finger got stuck in his toy. This isn't the best display of his animal sounds (he was a little distracted, if you couldn't tell...), but when I've got the video camera out, I'll take what I can get! :)


  1. So cute. I love the blowing nose one. What a cute boy!

  2. I love the face scrunch when he is blowing his nose.


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