Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Welcome Home, Elder Brady!

On Tuesday Sam flew in! We were so excited to see him, and just a few hours later his brother Joseph was supposed to be getting home from Guatemala, where he served his mission (thus the reason for our trip). He ended up being delayed a few hours, so we just enjoyed some time together and we all had lots of fun playing with Talmage and talking.
Uncle Don!
Grandma Sue, Don, Kellie, and Talmage
3 generations of Bradys
Vigorously chewing on a water bottle...the joys of teething
Kicking the ball

Finally we got to go to the airport! I had never met Joseph before (he left on his mission right after Sam and I started dating), so this was a first for me. Here he is coming down the escalator at the airport!
Sam was so excited to see him!
Just after being released
Just hanging out at the house the next day
Talmage and Uncle Don again
Playing "SOOO big!"
Discovering an ice cube
Yet another round of "SOOO big!"

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