Monday, July 26, 2010

On the Move

Talmage has been doing a whole lot of this lately:

Yep, he's walking! And in case you couldn't tell, he's pretty thrilled about it, too. :)


  1. Wahoo! So how does it feel to have a toddler?

  2. P.S. Ryan just got a google account and I didn't realize he was logged in. That was me. I love all the picture posts!

  3. It's exciting! Actually, though, he isn't quite to the point where he can just walk everywhere yet without falling, so mainly he just yells because he wants someone to come hold his hand so he can walk more securely. He's still a bit nervous about the whole thing...after whapping his head pretty hard a couple of times he became a lot more cautious. :)

  4. Yeah! I am excited too--so excited it made my facebook status. Thriller.

  5. Maybe someday we can compare that bottom picture with his missionary application photo. Talmage is standing tall and fearless, unafraid to open his mouth...

    -Grandpa Brady-


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