Friday, July 30, 2010


We have some friends in the ward who have a son almost exactly a month younger than Talmage. His mom had to go out of town for a couple of days, so we got to have him come over and play while his dad was at work! It was so fun to see the boys interact.

There was a little of this... (from both sides)
But also plenty of this:
Talmage was speaking so adamantly while Kade listened very intently

They're buddies already!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Bowling and Bye-Bye

We went bowling with Joseph while we were in Utah! It was a lot of fun, even though I am an awful bowler. Sam and Joseph are really good, though! I tend to get either zero or a strike. It's all or nothing with me, I guess!

Very early Saturday morning we headed back to the airport. Here is Talmage waiting for our plane.
He was such a sweet boy! Here we are in Denver, where we had a pretty long layover. From the time we left Kaysville to the time we got home was about 12 hours, and he was absolutely wonderful. He slept most of the way to Denver and during pretty much the entire Denver-Houston flight! Sam and I even managed to squeeze in little naps along with some fun games of Sudoku on the plane!
We had so much fun with our families. It was wonderful to see them and just catch up. We did a lot more things that didn't make it to the camera, and the whole trip was just an amazing, relaxing time. We miss you guys!

Welcome Home, Elder Brady!

On Tuesday Sam flew in! We were so excited to see him, and just a few hours later his brother Joseph was supposed to be getting home from Guatemala, where he served his mission (thus the reason for our trip). He ended up being delayed a few hours, so we just enjoyed some time together and we all had lots of fun playing with Talmage and talking.
Uncle Don!
Grandma Sue, Don, Kellie, and Talmage
3 generations of Bradys
Vigorously chewing on a water bottle...the joys of teething
Kicking the ball

Finally we got to go to the airport! I had never met Joseph before (he left on his mission right after Sam and I started dating), so this was a first for me. Here he is coming down the escalator at the airport!
Sam was so excited to see him!
Just after being released
Just hanging out at the house the next day
Talmage and Uncle Don again
Playing "SOOO big!"
Discovering an ice cube
Yet another round of "SOOO big!"

Ellis Island

Scera Park in Orem had a mock Ellis Island set up, which we went to after we hiked the caves. There were cool patriotic displays everywhere, and you could take a citizenship test (really hard!) and take the oath of immigration. I am certainly grateful for the freedoms we enjoy in this country and the privileges and opportunities I know I take for granted.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Timpanogos Caves

On Monday, the 5th, since it was a holiday at BYU, we got to go on a hike with my sisters Breanne, Losaunne, and Avalon and my brother Bronson. We hiked up to Timp Caves!
Talmage was such a trooper the whole week even though his schedule was thrown completely off kilter and most of his naps were cat naps caught in the car. I had to keep reminding myself what a trooper he was when it took him a week and a half after we got back for him to start sleeping through the night again...
Love the sunglasses
Just starting the hike! I guess I have adjusted to living in Houston more than I thought, because I didn't even think about bringing jackets with us on the hike...whoops! It was about 40 degrees, and Talmage's short sleeved T-shirt and my short sleeved shirt and shorts were not the best clothing choice, but I didn't want to pay $20 at the gift shop for a little jacket for Talmage. So we wrapped his arms in his thin blanket, snuggled him close in the Bjorn (which we have loved! Thanks, Maria and Jeff!), and he managed to stay fairly warm.
Talmage, Breanne, Bronson, Avalon...and Losaunne in the background. Breanne got back from her mission to Taiwan this past spring, and Taiwanese people often hold up two fingers in pictures. So when you see her doing that (or anyone else), now you'll know what's going on.
Even if he is only in the 20th percentile for his weight, carrying a 9 month old strapped to your front up a steep mountain path can get a little exhausting. My sisters were more than happy to step in and help.

View of the valley
Oh, the faces this boy makes...he delights me with them all day long!

Wearing Uncle Bronson's sweatshirt, waiting for the cave tours to start
Noses are his favorite. And he is very nonchalant about pinching them.

Talmage fell asleep just before we entered the cave. I was glad, though, because even though he would have been very intrigued, he was swaddled and warm, since the inside of the cave was close to freezing as well! It made ducking through the 3-4 foot high openings, squeezing through the narrow passageways, and traversing the slick, steep stairways kind of interesting, but we made it without any significant problems. And the tour guide made sure to draw attention to "mom with that sleeping baby" at pretty much every possible moment. :)
Some of the beautiful cave formations

I managed to make it through the cave without hitting my head on a single stalactite...but there were a lot of close calls!
Outside the cave--what a fun hike! Thanks for planning it, Breanne!
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