Thursday, June 17, 2010

A Little Jaunt to Utah

Talmage and I had a fantastic trip to Utah to see my family while Sam was at his sister's wedding in Mexico! Sadly, we weren't all able to go (thank you graduate school... :), so we took that opportunity to go to Utah rather than be home all alone. It was so wonderful to see everyone!
This little trio has grown up so much!
Here are Talmage and Peter, swinging together in the baby swing.

My dad and Talmage
Here was our first attempt at a photo shoot of the three babies together. It didn't go over so well...note to self: don't wake up a baby whose schedule has been knocked off kilter and expect him to be happy and smiling for pictures.

Talmage: Maxton, what do you think you are doing? Keep your hands to yourself!
This was the best one we could get.
Peter: Hey Maxton, let's gang up on Talmage! Woohoo! This is fun!
Look at Peter's little mischievous face! He's even getting poor Talmage with his foot! Maxton is just wondering what on earth is going on. He's so well behaved and wonders why his cousins can't act the same way! This picture makes me laugh every time...what funny boys.
Peter kept moving further and further away from the other two...
Peter: If I don't look at him, maybe I can sneakily grab his binky.
Maxton: Not if I get to it first.

Parental intervention
Maxton decided that leaves do not make a good evening snack. Look at that face!
Here Peter is trying to comfort Talmage.
I took matters into my own hands and took Talmage away to calm him down. Peter was devastated that his helpful intentions didn't work!
Poor Peter.
Look how happy cute little Maxton is to get his shoes off!
A picture of the things that would cooperate
Finally, a smile!
We had fun surprising Grandma Sue at work!
Talmage liked banging on her adding machine. When she tore off the paper and let him play with it, he promptly started playing peek-a-boo with her!
We decided to meet up and try the pictures again with the three boys. Peter was happy about the waffles he had just eaten for breakfast.
Cute little powerhouse Maxton. He is such a strong, stocky little guy!
Things went fairly well when there was a bit of distance between the boys.
But when we moved them together, Peter and Maxton started ganging up on Talmage again.
I can rarely get a decent picture of Talmage outside! He is always too interested in what is around him.
Talmage, Maxton, Peter
Inspecting the bugs, according to Aunt Jocilyn. :) I guess after living in Texas he isn't used to such normal looking ones! Today he was intrigued by the wasp about 2 inches long that kept buzzing around him. Needless to say, we went inside.
Tough boy
Trying to climb up the tire
He is going to make his daddy proud.
Peter wasn't thrilled about being left by the tire, so instead we took a happy picture of him with his mom.
Talmage and Uncle Bronson
We didn't even ask them to! Jocilyn was holding both of them up, and suddenly they leaned in and grabbed each other and gave each other kisses! We're still working on aiming for the cheek, was sweet anyway.
Poor Talmage was just tuckered out by everything I put him through while we were there! He is still trying to get back on track, even though we have been home for 8 days now. But it was so worth it to see everyone!


  1. Love the one of Maxton with the leaves.

  2. This little trio is the most amazing, cute, formidable set of three little boys that I've ever seen!

    I just marvel at these wonderful pictures!

    -Grandpa Brady-


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