Friday, May 28, 2010

Talmage Lately

He loved tearing up this envelope I let him play with. He would hold a piece high above his head and then with a big, fascinated grin, rip it in half very quickly, drop one half, and do it again with the other. He repeated this process several times. I just can't get over how cute it is to see him discover the world!

He thinks it's funny when we blow on his face.
Eating mashed up sweet potatoes...I'm having a hard time with feeding him mashed up food. I have tried on numerous occasions, and he always gags because of the texture. Any suggestions? I have mixed it with his oatmeal and yogurt, but if he eats it at all it is typically with lots of gasping and shuddering...he'll still smile in between bites, though! :)

I fear the day he tries to manipulate me with those eyes...
He has also been doing the cutest thing lately! He is almost always very quiet and still while we pray, and then when we finish and say "Amen," he let's out a little "a-gah" or "gur-goo" or other little noise to join in! It's so cute. I think he can feel the reverent spirit that comes over us when we pray, however small he may be.


  1. Love the scrunched up face look. So excited to see you guys next week!!!

  2. I love how he looks like he's been caught being naughty in the first picture. And the little tooth poking out is adorable!

    As for suggestions on the solids (for real), one thing that Peter really liked was rice cakes. They dissolve super fast, so I never worried about him actually choking, but he could hold it in his hand and practice biting and chewing and eating at his own pace. Don't know if it will work for Talmage, but it's something to try. Now Peter eats basically what we eat - if I can I mash it slightly with a fork, otherwise I just run a knife over it a few times to dice up any really big pieces, and he takes care of the rest.

  3. Oh, graham crackers are another great one. Only be careful, one you start, there may be no stopping. Now Peter has a "Look, lady, just hand over the graham cracker and no one gets hurt" look. :)

  4. Rice cakes are a great idea! Talmage actually does love Cheerios, graham crackers, muffins, etc. He loves it when I give him bites of table food. But when I try to give him mashed up fruits and veggies, he has a really hard time. Maybe it's something about the tiny little chunks in watery stuff. I have tried some bites, and it was actually a pretty nasty texture. I can see why he doesn't like it. Maybe we'll just use store-bought baby food until he can handle big chunks...hmm...I'm anxious to see Peter's graham-cracker threat!

  5. For the mashed up foods I made my own so they had a little more "flavor" than the store bought stuff. Also it might be a little on the cooler side so maybe that is why he doesn't like it? I used to make sure it was warm enough that I wouldn't gag on it but that it didn't burn their mouth! Good luck!! He sure is a cutie! Saw your mom yesterday at the Campbell family reunion. She sure is a proud Grandma!


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