Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Playing, Growing, Loving

In the bath--we got a little carried away with the bubbles. It kind of looks like he's wearing one of those 18th century wigs the noblemen would wear, huh? It's so cute to see him bang his hand on the water, splashing away, and then turn and bang his hand on the counter, then back to the water, then back to the counter and on and on. You can almost see his mind deciphering the difference between solids and liquids. He is such a little scientist in the way he discovers and interprets the world around him! He's a Daddy's boy for sure.
By the way...I promise I clean the sink regularly even though it looks nasty in all the pictures. Hmm...
Helping Mommy cook--loving the wooden spoon idea given to us by Aunt Jocilyn :)
Just chillin' in his crib
He loves to sit at this bookshelf and pull all the books off of it!
Soberly playing the piano


  1. Such fun!
    BTW, Ryan found the best outlet covers at Lowe's (I think they were Safety First brand, so you should be able to get them lots of places). They have a little push tab on them, so when you need to use the outlet, you don't break all your nails getting them out. With Peter sitting on the counter all the time, I'm really glad for them!

  2. Talmage sure is growing up fast! I have to keep reminding myself that he's still only seven months old, even though he's already doing so many "boy" things.

    -Grandpa Brady-


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