Saturday, May 29, 2010

His Favorite Word

Talmage jabbers "Dada, dada, dada" all day long. Just recently, he has started saying it when he sees Sam and also on demand. It's so fun!


  1. Wow, that is adorable. I hope you teach him how to say "Aunt Breanne" in the next week so he can talk to me when he gets here...

  2. Hi Kaitlyn, I am WAY impressed with the birthday meal and cake you made for Sam! There is NO WAY I could have prepared a birthday dinner like that as a young bride! Sam must feel like he's dining at a fine restaurant each night.

    Also, re: baby food, I've learned that it really does NOT matter if your kids eat it or not. Two of my 3 kids refused to eat baby food at all, yet transitioned beautifully to table food at age 9-12 months. Evan and Chayse eat their vegetables well now but would never, ever swallow even a bite of it as babies. My current pediatrician (for Addie, who cried and cried when I fed her baby food but loved table food) says baby food is so nutrient-poor anyway (it's so watery) that it really doesn't matter if they eat it or you don't have to worry too much until you get to table food. hope that helps!


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