Thursday, April 15, 2010

Six Months Old!

Can you believe it? Talmage turned six months old on Sunday. Monday was his doctor's appointment. The doctor said he is doing great! He is also incredibly active and grabs at everything. He kept grabbing the stethoscope and trying to yank it away from the doctor, twisting his head all over the place to see the tool the doctor was looking in his ears with, etc. I was told that I had better make sure our house is baby proofed, because once he gets mobile he is going to find trouble fast!

-He is 28 inches long (90th percentile or a little higher) and weighs 16 pounds, 4.5 ounces (40th percentile).
-His favorite toys...aren't toys. Like most babies, the most desired things are the things he can't have. However, he loves pens, spoons, magazines, and paper of any kind. He loves to crumple and tear paper.
-He jabbers almost non-stop. Often when someone enters the room or when he sees someone he will say, "Hi!" with the cutest little voice inflection. I'm not sure he knows exactly what he's doing yet (we usually can't get him to do it on demand), but it sure is cute either way! The other day I was playing peek-a-boo with him, and he started saying, "aboo, aboo."
-Speaking of peek-a-boo, he will take a cloth and cover his face himself and then yank it away with a big grin. He will also hide his face in the couch or on my shoulder and then jerk it out.
-He will drink straight water. He always tries to grab at our cups while we are drinking. One day I let him take it (with guidance from my hand, of course), and he put the rim up to his mouth to drink! I tipped it up a little, and though the ice-cold water startled him, he swallowed it down. Drinking from a cup has become something he loves to do. He will also drink plain water out of a bottle.
-I give him one bottle of milk every day, and he will hold it himself pretty well.
-He has decided he loves all his vegetables and will eat all of his solids masterfully. He eats three solid meals each day.
-He has learned how to give us high fives. When we say, "Give me five!" and hold out our hand, he will repeatedly whack it with a huge grin on his face as we cheer him on.
-He has gotten to the point where I can lay him down in his crib awake and he will go right to sleep, although he still has to be swaddled up tightly.
-He will sit and play independently.
-He absolutely loves to be outside. He loves sitting on our balcony in his bouncy seat, watching the cars go by.
-He smiles easily and laughs often. He loves to play games and loves silly faces.
-We sure do love him! It is such a blessing for us to be his parents. He has already taught us so much in this half-year we have had him, and we know Heavenly Father has been with us every step of the way. It brings such peace to know that we have our Father in Heaven to turn to as we raise His precious child.


  1. Wow, that's so fun! He's just so adorable!

  2. Happy six-month birthday to Talmage! He sure is an amazing guy!

    -Grandpa Brady-


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