Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Just Another Random Picture...

The other day one of my piano students brought her Harry Potter glasses to her lesson and put them on Talmage! I had to take a picture, of course. How is it that ordinary objects can be so delightful when they are on a little baby? :)


  1. Delightful indeed! How does Talmage do with you teaching piano lessons?

  2. He does fairly well, all things considering...the hard thing is that most of the lessons are right during his most fussy time of day, so he's not really in the mood to just sit. But overall he does well, and some of my piano students like to play with him while they are waiting so that helps!

    P.S. Peter's 7 month e-mail better be twice as long! ;) I'm looking forward to it!

  3. Hey Talmage -

    I think that your mom's piano students get a special treat with every lesson because they get to see you and have some fun with you.

    -Grandpa Brady-


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