Thursday, April 8, 2010

Happy Birthday, Breanne!

Yesterday was my sister Breanne's birthday! You have probably read a fair amount about her already, since she just came to visit and I blogged about it, but I figured I should do a birthday post for her as well!
I decided to write about one quality I admire in Breanne. That is her ambition. She has this drive, this unquenchable thirst for knowledge, that she thrives on. I guess that's the reason she speaks Hebrew, Arabic, and Mandarin. That must be the reason she will graduate from college next year with two majors and two minors. That must be the reason she refuses to take fewer than 18 credits each semester (the maximum allowable), and usually gets special permission to take even more. That must be the reason she has lived in Jordan, Israel, and Taiwan. That must be the reason she plays the piano and organ and sings with a voice like an angel. That must be the reason she read the Book of Mormon once each month for a year when she was in high school with a different study emphasis each time. The list goes on and on...she sets her mind to something and pushes toward it with inexhaustible determination and an iron will. She is a great example to me and stands as a firm witness of Jesus Christ.
Happy birthday, Breanne!!! I look up to you so much.


  1. Wow, this is kind of an awkward post about me. I guess that is what happens when someone doesn't have have to blog about them...

    But thanks. Love you lots. And just wait till June 13...

  2. Hold on, I got a whole post about me too. Peter only played a tiny role at the very end. Don't think you're her favorite, for sure!


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