Wednesday, April 21, 2010

An Afternoon in the Kitchen

Talmage sometimes has a hard time keeping himself entertained while I am cooking, so I often find myself doing everything with him balanced on my hip. He loves to help me stir, put his hand on the can opener while I am using it, and try to grab pretty much everything I have in my hand. On this day, he was pretty happy for a while gumming Cheerios in his high chair. He's pretty good at grabbing the little pieces one at a time and sticking them in his mouth!
But he grew tired of the cereal after a while, and I still had some work to do. He was getting quite tired, but it was too late for him to have a nap, so he was pretty fussy. I was stirring some things on the stove when he started feeling heavier and heavier and I noticed his head hanging down. I glanced down and...sure enough! The poor boy had fallen asleep curled up on my shoulder. It was so sweet I was hesitant to wake him up!


  1. Peter loves to sit on the counter next to me. I've given him his own wooden spoon and measuring cup (don't want to wash them twenty times a day to use them for actual cooking), and he bangs away happily. Well...most of the time.

  2. Though after Tuesday's little incident, perhaps you don't want Talmage on the counter after all...

  3. Ewww...seriously! I am unbelievably disgusted and traumatized. At least the exterminator came yesterday. Sick.

    Question, you let Peter sit on the counter while you turn to get an ingredient or take something out of the oven or leave for a second? I would be nervous to leave Talmage sitting on the counter without me right next to him every second, but it would be a big hassle to be picking him up and putting him down every 5 seconds. Then again, my counters aren't all that big and he still isn't perfectly steady. He still lunges after things out of his reach. :) Peter looks like his sitting is pretty steady!

  4. Sure do - I'm a brave (or desperate) Mamma! (Peter would never just lay on me like that and fall asleep - there is no way I can actually cook while holding him, so I take my chances.) Also, I do push him all the way back to the wall and place him so that if he does fall over (which used to happen occasionally), he doesn't actually crash to the floor.

    It took a few topples, but he has learned depth perception, and I often see him carefully holding out his arm and studying an object at the edge or just outside his reach to figure out if he can get it without falling. He's really advanced now, and can even sit with his legs dangling off something (like out the tunnel at the park).

    Sometimes I also set him on the floor in front of an open drawer. He seemed to like that okay.

  5. Yeah, your counters are much smaller than Jocilyn's. And I see Talmage still sits toppled over in his high chair...

    When I saw this post name, I thought you were going to write about the "cockroach eggs..." :)

  6. Hey Talmage -

    Cheerios taste great, don't they? Soon you'll find out that munching away gets even better when you get some teeth.

    -Grandpa Brady-

  7. Breanne-
    Haha, I know! He is actually a pretty good little sitter, but he still likes to tip sideways in his high chair and jam his arm in this little crevice. And the "cockroach eggs" are not going to make the blog. I'm working on not complaining...or maybe I'm afraid I just couldn't do the story justice. :)

  8. I hope you at least took some pictures...

  9. I was actually really horrified and disgusted and didn't want to remember that horrible scene. I'll post the whole story soon, though. :)


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