Wednesday, March 3, 2010


We're still working on the whole sitting up thing here. Talmage can balance for a few seconds, but then inevitably something catches his attention and he whips his whole body around to see it, which makes him topple over. There is just nothing still about this baby! He's also really fascinated by his feet and always bends in half so his nose is almost touching the ground, which doesn't make for great sitting posture. :)
Last week, Sam called to me to show me how Talmage was sitting!
Cheesy smile for the camera!
Ahhh! Save me!
He's a lot better at keeping his balance while standing...we'll keep working on it.


  1. Playing with his feet is actually how Peter learned to sit up. With is head bent so far over his body, he didn't lose balance so easily, and he just gradually worked himself up to where he can maintain his balance even when turning to look at something or leaning off to the side to pick up some toys. It's also nice that they learn these things when they're little. It's not too far to fall for them - I can't imagine continually crashing down from my height :).

    p.s. Talmage has the cutest faces! I'm jealous of all your pictures. As you may have noticed, Peter has exactly the same face in every picture - slightly open mouth, dull face look. He doesn't do that all the time, just from the moment you pull out the camera until you put it away. Oh well, I can just admire how cute your baby's pictures are.

  2. Talmage has a game where I sit him up on the bed and then he throws himself backwards or to one side. I let him fall onto the bed, which he gets great pleasure out of...I wonder if he likes falling too much to learn how to sit! :)

    And about the faces...what the camera doesn't show is the senseless, crazy behavior of the operator as the pictures are being taken!

  3. Peter's big news is that this morning he was sitting in his high chair with some cheerios while Ryan and I were eating breakfast (I break them up into thirds and give him one at a time and he's really good about gumming them up and swallowing them - now I can finally eat my own food for a few minutes). This morning Peter wanted to do it *himself*, so I broke up the cheerios and just left them on his tray. I was so impressed when he chased a couple around his tray and actually picked one up between his thumb and forefinger! Getting it off his fingers and successfully into his mouth is another matter, but he picked up several one at a time and brought them to his mouth. I swear, I won't be surprised if he becomes a brain surgeon with his fine motor skills. Babies don't normally master the pincer grasp for several more months!

    What other foods have you fed Talmage besides green beans? Any peaches yet? I hope he loves them - it's tradition! I want to see that grin from eating something yummy like mangos.

  4. Good job, Peter! Way to develop the pincer grasp! Talmage has been trying several other veggies--I'll have to post a video of him eating carrots, which he LOVES! He ate half a jar of them in just a matter of a few minutes! He hates squash, likes sweet potatoes, and doesn't like green beans. And he hates soy formula mixed in with his rice cereal. :)

  5. Soy formula, eh? Gross! (Actually I don't think I've ever tasted it, but it sounds nasty.)

  6. Talmage is such a "go-getter" that it's no surprise that he's more inclined to stand than to sit.

    -Grandpa Brady-


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