Saturday, March 13, 2010

Five Months...

Talmage turned 5 months old on Thursday! I thought it would be fun to take some pictures (surprise, surprise...), but he was being a little bit funny about the pictures. :)
In this sequence, he pretends I just tried to feed him a lemon.

Okay...take two. Let's pull out a monkey. Nope, now he's just going to be goofy.

"Sigh...come on, Mom! Enough already with the pictures!"
"There. Is that a good enough smile?"
"If you won't stop taking pictures, I'll grab the strap on the camera and eat it."
Maybe it will work better if I lay him on his tummy.
"I see you,'re still taking pictures! I thought we talked about this already."
This boy sure keeps us laughing!
Some highlights on his development:
-He will walk across the room if we hold onto his arms.
-He is getting used to solids...definitely enjoying the fruit more than the vegetables.
-He has a fetish with his feet (more on that later).
-He loves grabbing our faces, putting his fingers in our mouths, pinching our noses, and of course yanking my hair.
-He is a trooper about spending over 2 hours every day in the car as we drop Sam off at school and pick him up.
-He loves pushing buttons.
-His preferred method of learning about the world around him is hitting. When we let him touch something, he will whack it over and over again for several minutes until we take it away. Hopefully this won't be the case as he is exposed to other babies!


  1. If this was facebook, I would push the "like" button a hundred times. LOVE the pictures! What a funny boy!

  2. I love those pictures! How fun! I especially like your commentary to them.

  3. Sam's brother Joseph (Guatemala City North Mission) has a friend named Kyle who recently received his mission call to the West Indies. I had a long phone conversation with Kyle yesterday and, among other things, Kyle raved about how much Talmage looks like Sam.


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