Monday, February 8, 2010


Talmage loves to stretch. Whenever he wakes up, when I lay him on my lap in the middle of his feeding, when we lay him in his crib, when we get him out of the carseat, and during almost any transition, he will arch his back, stretch his arms up in the air, and stretch! It is so cute. I have never seen a baby stretch as much as he does. In the morning he will do it over and over again. On this particular day, we were going to go pick up Sam, and I wanted him to have his nap on the way. So I got him to sleep and then put him in his carseat. I laid him down in the seat and he instantly began stretching...then fell asleep mid-stretch!


  1. I wonder what the minimum age is for a gym membership. Talmage will probably need some heftier exercise equipment than his car seat pretty soon!

    -Grandpa Brady-


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