Friday, February 12, 2010

Four Months!

It is crazy to think that it has already been four months since we welcomed our sweet little Talmage into the world. Thursday marked his four month birthday, and he also had his doctor's appointment then. That meant, of course, more shots, and more breaking of my heart as I had to hold my baby down to be injected with stuff that apparently burns as it goes through his system...they could have spared me the details!
Anyway, he is 14 pounds, 1.5 ounces (almost 50th percentile), 25.75 inches long (almost 90th percentile), and his head is 16.5 inches around (almost 50th percentile). The doctor said we could start him on solids! I was so excited to see how he would like his rice cereal that I gave him some that very day. There were requests for videos, but alas, pictures will have to suffice. Sorry some of them are kind of blurry...
Here, buddy, try some cereal!
"What is this??? It has a weird texture!"
"I don't think I like it!"
"But then..."
"'s actually kind of good! Who would have thought?"
"Thanks, Mom!"
He was so cute as I fed him. He would pull this awful face every time I fed him a spoonful, but then he would swallow it down and act like he liked it. I would hold up the spoon where he could see it, and he would open his mouth, expectantly waiting for more. It only took one or two bites before he stopped trying to lick the spoon and instead opened his mouth for it, and his tongue thrust isn't bad at all! He actually chews his cereal before he swallows it. Sometimes when I'm not even feeding him I see him practicing his chewing. It's so fun to see him experience new things and see his reactions.
Here are a few facts about the four month old Talmage:
-He is loving peek-a-boo. He gets such a kick out of it and will pull his blanket or spit cloth over his face and wait for us to pull it off. The other day I had been playing peek-a-boo with him and then left to take care of some things. A minute or two later he started fussing. I went over to him, and he had pulled his spit cloth over his face and was waiting for me to pull it off, but he got frustrated because I was never coming!
-He is sleeping from 8:30pm or so until 6:00am and usually has 3 good naps each day. He often sleeps with his eyes halfway open and you can see them darting back and forth. If you walk past him, he will track your movements! It is so funny to see him watching us even in his sleep.
-He always tries to sit himself up when he is laying down. He can get almost all the way up, too, but then he loses his balance and topples back down. So he ends up doing a bunch of sit-ups all day long. It must be a good ab workout!
-He loves being outside, going shopping, and seeing new people and new scenery.
-He is all over the place! He is always leaning, reaching, lunging, kicking, and trying to be more capable than his body allows him to be.
-He has learned to laugh (like here), and we have found that one of our top daily quests is to get him to. Baby laughs are the cutest!
-He isn't thrilled with being on his tummy, but he insists on standing. If he can grab your hands, he will stand himself up, and it is next to impossible to get him to unlock his knees and sit down if he is determined to stand. He will stand independently for quite some time if he has something to lean against. In light of this, I'm curious to see if he'll learn to walk before he learns to crawl.
We love him so much! Sometimes the joy I feel with my life overwhelms me and I feel like I might just burst with happiness. I know it sounds cheesy, but it really is true. Life truly is beautiful.


  1. Great! Now I'll get to give him food whenever he's with me.

    -Grandpa Brady-

  2. Peter's doctor has the shots in a loaded thing - they don't have to squeeze it out through a syringe/needle - she just pushes it on his skin and *pop* it all goes in at once. They can do all three in a matter of a couple of seconds, more like a finger prick than a shot. Still sad, but sooooo much better!


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