Monday, February 22, 2010

Another Birthday!

Today is my sister Avalon's 11th birthday. Yes, February is a popular month for birthdays in my family. I can't believe how old she is getting! Can there really only be one more year until she is in Young Women's (a church organization for girls aged 12-18)? When I was her age, I always loved hearing stories about when I was younger, so I thought I would post a few memories I have of her from when she was a baby.

-She loved naming her baby dolls when she was a toddler. She would think of the most unusual, creative names, and remember them always. Some of my favorites were "Bokie," "Dursen," "Tuka-Tuka," and "Salsa."

-My younger sister and I were very excited one Christmas morning, and my older sister told us, "Guys, just chill!" Almost 2-year-old Avalon responded with, "Ya! Dus till!"

-Once some Young Women came over to our house for an activity. Avalon was probably about 3, and she drew pictures for each of them. As she gave the pictures to them, she said, "Here you go! Now you can all go home and show them to your mommies!"

-Once we were at a high school choir concert. I was holding Avalon on a bench, and the girl next to us had red hair and a lot of freckles. She loudly asked me, "Kaitlyn, why does that girl have the chicken pox?" I was so embarrassed!! The girl looked a little bit uncomfortable, too.

-She loved (and still loves) to do random acts of kindness for people. I would often come into my room to see my bed made for me, sometimes accompanied with a sweet note.

-When she was a baby, we would say, "Av! Cheesy!" and she would give us the biggest squinty-eyed smile she could, all four of her teeth clenched together.

-She loved to swing. When our family got a swingset, she would tirelessly swing through the day.

-She was such a good little missionary! She would often invite her friends to go to church with her when she was only 4 or 5 years old! She would then inform my mom that we needed to pick them up to go to church with us because she invited them.

I am so glad Avalon came into our family! I have learned so much from her. She has so much courage and such a strong testimony of Jesus Christ. Happy birthday, Avalon! I hope it's wonderful. Love you!

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  1. Thanks Kaitlyn! Are you sure I really did and do all of those wonderful things? You must be confusing me with another Avalon. Oh, and if you're not, I'll tell you that I still have Salsa! :)


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