Saturday, January 2, 2010

Some Tidbits

Well, Talmage is doing so well. His little personality is shining brighter with every passing day! I wanted to share a few tidbits about him that we delight in!
-Talmage LOVES intently studying things. Daddy takes him around the house regularly and describes the pictures on the wall and other things they see. Talmage always listens with wide-eyed amazement, totally captivated. His favorites are the pictures of Jesus.

Looking at pictures with Daddy

Gazing at the toys on his swing

Amazed by the lights on the Christmas tree

-The spit-up is still going strong, but he is so tolerant of it! Twice now he has spit up and instead of it coming out of his mouth, it has spurted out of his nose! Both times he has just gasped for air, struggling to catch his breath, and then taken a few deep breaths to stabilize himself. He has also learned how to hold his binky in his mouth while spitting up, so it will just spurt out the sides, landing everywhere except on his spit cloth. :)

The little man, just hangin' out

-He has gotten into gnawing on his hands. He is quite ferocious about it, and we often catch him chewing/licking/sucking on his hands with noisy smacks. Even at night, when his hands are covered to keep them warm, he will chew right on the fabric! We're working on training him to not do this, but it is still rather humorous to see!


He looks guilty, doesn't he?

-He is working on his hand-eye coordination. He got a rattle for Christmas, and we are trying to get him to like it, but he's not so sure about it. It usually ends up in his mouth. This morning he was wearing some pajamas with bear faces on the feet, and they caught his attention. He leaned forward further and further with wide eyes and an open mouth until he was nearly horizontal. Then he worked until he was able to grab one of them with his hands, at which point his face broke into a delighted grin.

Playing with his rattle

-He gets stronger with every passing day. The other day he was sitting in our giant LoveSac, which is basically like a foam-filled beanbag chair. He was sitting at about a 45 degree angle, and suddenly he sat himself up straight before he lost his balance and toppled over to the side! I was also alarmed a couple of weeks ago when he was laying on my lap on his back and he suddenly rolled off! I caught him in mid-air, thankfully, but it definitely put me on guard! If the surface he is laying on is somewhat uneven, he can usually roll pretty well, and he is getting closer and closer to being able to roll over while laying on a flat surface. Oddly, he is better at rolling from his back to his stomach than from his stomach to his back!

So strong-standing by the couch!

He loves looking at the tummy time mat Grammy made for him. Thanks, Grammy!

-He is such a happy boy. He's not necessarily content to just be by himself for long, but as soon as we give him attention, smile at him, or talk to him, he rewards us with enormous, toothless grin after grin.

Smiling in his high chair-thanks for the idea, Aunt Jocilyn!

Blankie head

-He still keeps us entertained with his humorous expressions. We love that he has such a look of amazement at the simplest things. He is such a sponge, constantly soaking in all of the sights around him. He is an incredibly intense little baby, always trying with his entire being to accomplish whatever task he puts his mind to.

Playing with Daddy
King of the couch
All clean!
Such a sweet boy!


  1. Kaitlyn, Talmage IS so sweet! I am priveleged to be his aunt. Aunt Avy

  2. Ah! How cute! He is so adorable! I love all of the stories and all the pictures.

  3. Darling! I love this post. I especially like his face looking at the tummy time mat ... I wish we could convince Peter to like his as much. It's the tummy thing he can't stand.

  4. Hey! I just noticed he has the same shoes as Peter - the brown ones he is wearing in the first few pictures. Such great shoes :).

  5. P.S. Don't worry about the hand gnawing. Peter has been doing it for a while too. It's a perfectly normal part of a baby's motor and sensory development - should go away in time without too much effort from you.

    Also, I'm so impressed with his rolling abilities! I'm starting to wonder if Peter will roll at all (at least until he gets big); he is scared out of his mind about it. I try to show him how it's done, and he grabs frantically at me, or whatever he is lying to try to stop himself. He must not like the sensation of falling...

  6. Yay for matching shoes! A lady in our ward gave those to us a couple of weeks ago. They're cute! I think we got your same rattle, too, huh? But I think Peter likes his a lot more than Talmage likes his. He usually ends up flinging it...Good to know about the hand chewing. I was starting to wonder if he was teething super early or something! :)

  7. Yea, Peter really does like the rattle, but he doesn't like the tummy time blanket like Talmage does. He hates to be on his tummy for one. He was okay with it for a few minutes yesterday when I sat him up and folded it up on his lap, but then he saw the block with all the books and tried to grab them....after a few minutes of fruitless clawing at the fabric, he was pretty frustrated. Maybe when he's older and can play "find the..." he'll appreciate it more.

    Hopefully it's not teeth. Mom did say that around three months the teeth start coming into the gums, which is often pretty painful, and they drool alot. I have to put vaseline on Peter's chin several times a day to prevent him from getting a major rash from all the drool. Man, it's tough to be a baby.

  8. Kaitlyn, your little boy is so adorable! It's fun to see what you're up to.


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