Thursday, January 14, 2010


With his 3 month birthday behind him, Talmage is starting to really enjoy playing! We love seeing his face light up as we show him toys, sing him songs, or read him stories.
We are always amazed by how far he cranes his head around to see whatever has caught his interest! (In this case, it was the camera.)
Playing with the toys in his crib
I guess this was more me playing...and I think I enjoyed it more than he did! :)
Showing off his dimples
He loves practicing standing alone.

Sam's younger brother said it well when he said Talmage reminded him of Sam because Sam always looks so "shocked" in his baby pictures!


  1. I love how he looks so much like a person! I don't know if that makes sense...You know how some babies don't look like people? They just look like generic babies. He has such a special little face. Moral of the story--he's absolutely adorable.

  2. Those little rings are the best invention ever! They go pretty much everywhere, you can hook all sorts of different toys on them, and babies seem to love them.

  3. Hey! We're twinners, Talmage and I are! We both have/had that permanent furrow above our brow from keeping our eyes open so wide!

  4. Talmage has the same happy disposition, strong determination, and wide-eyed wonder that his dad Sam had at the same age.


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