Friday, January 29, 2010

Big People Food

Lately Talmage has been so into grabbing anything and everything he can. The other day I was making dinner and he started trying to grab the bowl of diced tomatoes I was using. I held them further away, but in his determination to grab them he knocked the bowl out of my hand, dumping it on the bread dough I had rolled out! Of course, as most babies do, as soon as he grabs something he sticks it in his mouth. He always tries to grab our dinner plates and sample our "big people food."
The other day I was holding him, talking to Sam, after I was finished eating. Talmage still wanted to taste the leftovers, so he...
...and chewed!
I am so excited to see his reaction when I can start him on solids!


  1. Wow, Talmage sure is tenacious. Great trait!

    Grandpa Brady

  2. Amazing! Talmage is so strong. Determined, too! That's another good trait to have when older.

  3. Guess what! Yesterday Peter tried a grahm cracker and loved it! Talmage is about to that point, too.


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