Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas Morning

We had a very relaxing Christmas morning. I'm sure deep down, Talmage was thrilled with the things Santa brought him...teething toys, some stacking rings for later on, a baby monitor...but he was good at containing his excitement.
"What?! Just coal???"
"Oh good, you're just kidding."
It's some...
new shoes! Thank you!!!
Helping Talmage open one of his gifts
Sam got a cool new resource to help with studying the Old Testament.
Talmage loved his new blanket he got from Grammy! At first he wanted to eat it,
but then he realized it was best for snuggling up under. He also loves intently studying all of the different patterns. Does this picture remind you of...
this one? This was when he was still in the hospital. It's crazy how much they grow in just a couple of months!
Crashed after the morning's excitement
Look how nicely he folded his arms!
"I have my blankie, my binkie, and my spit cloth, okay???"
What a fun day. Thanks to family and friends for the gifts!


  1. That last picture's a bit tough for your boy, isn't it?

    It looks like you had a fun Christmas. Did Talmage wake up early just like a little kid should? Peter could feel the excitement in the air, and he was happily wide awake at 4:00 am. We managed to hold him off until 6:00, but boy was he excited. Next year will be fun ... maybe I'll send him to spend the night with Uncle Bronson.

  2. Just so you know, my last word verification was Samster. Thought you might enjoy that.

  3. Talmage slept until his typical 6:30...maybe next year he will be more anticipatory! And I loved the Samster comment! So did Sam. :)


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