Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Blessing Day

On Sunday, December 7, Talmage was blessed! We were able to go to Utah to bless him, so many of our family members were able to attend. (More details on the trip will come later!) For those who don't know, in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, babies are given a blessing at Church shortly after their birth by someone who holds the priesthood--the power of God given to man. To learn more, go here. In our case, Sam blessed him. Talmage was blessed with many wonderful things. It was such a beautiful day! Here are some pictures of him in his blessing outfit.

I can't believe how old he looks in this one!


  1. Darling! That little outfit is so cute - to say nothing of the little guy wearing it. It was so fun to have you here. (I'm just sad you didn't bring your lovesac and do a photo shoot of Peter. Oh well, I'll just have to practice my own limited skills.)

  2. Why don't you just come to where the lovesac and I are? :)

  3. Yo, that one of Quasi that looks "so old" kinda looks like you. At that age(ish). Just... Sayin'.


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