Saturday, December 12, 2009

Babies Bring the World Together!

On our trip to Utah, Sam pointed out that "babies bring the world together." He noted this because so many people that would otherwise probably have remained silent started conversations with us which revolved around Talmage. Airport security suddenly became more friendly and talkative as they went through our bags. Fellow passengers on our flight talked with us. The flight attendants gave us extra snacks. On the way home, we were standing in the tunnel that leads onto the plane, and the door was open. It was snowing outside, and very cold. A man parted the crowd for us so we could get Talmage away from the cold and onto the plane. When we got off the plane in Houston, people handed back our carseat prior to getting their own luggage. A couple from Shreveport, Louisiana talked with us all the way to the baggage claim. People commented on what a good traveler he was.
And the comments weren't limited to traveling! People in stores constantly strike up conversation with us regarding Talmage. Yesterday, for example, I was in Wal-Mart. An older woman was shopping, and as I passed her, holding Talmage and pushing our cart, she asked me if I needed her to hold him for a while! Needless to say, I told her I was okay and proceeded on my way. All through the store, people stopped to comment on him. One woman told me she thought for sure I was carrying a doll when she saw him. Many people asked how old he was or made other comments. And the crowning moment came as I was checking out and the cashier said, "Got your hands full, huh?" When I responded in the affirmative, she said, "Do you want me to show you a way to hold him?" I said sure, thinking she would just show me with her empty arms. But she came from behind the counter, took Talmage from me, and held him a different way which she said would make shopping easier! I was relieved when I had him back in my arms. I guess I'm not used to complete strangers taking him from me! :)
As we have taken Talmage's bright little face into more public settings the last little while, it has become apparent that, as Sam said, babies truly do bring the world together!

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  1. I totally rely on the Baby Bjorn for grocery shopping - nothing like shopping with 18 pounds of baby strapped to your front :). It does seem to bring out the more helpful side of people, though.


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