Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A Terrific Trio

Remember this?
Well, it has become this.
With all 3 babies in Utah together (Peter=10 weeks, Talmage=8 weeks, Maxton=2 weeks), we knew a photo shoot of the them was a must. But taking pictures of three tiny babies can be quite challenging! Talmage wasn't exactly thrilled to be sandwiched between the other two and kept throwing his arms up and smacking them in the face. Although we managed to get a few good shots, the majority went about like this:
Progression of open mouths--and Talmage looks like he is winding up to sock Maxton.
This one shows the size difference. Peter=16.5 pounds, Talmage=11 pounds, Maxton=8 pounds.
Even though Talmage was being the "bully" as he hit the others, Peter still wanted to cuddle up to him. How sweet!
Matching hospital binkies!
We didn't instigate this-the two boys are already friends! This was seen when Sam held Talmage up to give Peter a "kiss" on the cheek. Instead, he sneezed all over him! Peter's mom said, "Peter will show you what a real kiss is like!" She held Peter up, and at that precise moment he let out a rather loud burp! It was so funny!
Maxton is the youngest of the three, but has by far the most hair. Look at his adorable little smile!
What fun!


  1. T

    What an amazing threesome (boys and moms)!

    -Grandpa Brady-

  2. I love it!! So fun. Jessie and I used to say when we were little that we wanted to be pregnant at the same time. I was so sad when our fertility problems prevented that and Jessie had already had 4. But when we did finally get pregnant Jessie was hiding that she was also pregnant. It was so fun to have babies 10 weeks apart. What fun!


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