Monday, November 9, 2009

One Year

One year ago yesterday, Sam and I got engaged! I can't believe it has been a year. So much has happened since then that in some ways it is hard to believe it has been a year and in some ways it feels like we have always been together. 
It all started when he came over to my apartment to work on some homework with the warning that he would have to go into his lab to work in a few hours. However, shortly after he got there, he got a phone call and informed me he had to leave right then, but that he should be done around 8:00. I was feeling kind of sorry for myself when 8:00 came and went, and he informed me that it would be later...around 10:00. Then 10:00 came and went, and I once again got a message that things were taking longer than expected and he would be over around 11:30. Finally at about 10 minutes before midnight, Sam showed up. I tried to hide my disappointment that we had not been able to spend the evening together as we had planned. He suggested we go for a walk, so we set off. 
We got to a path in the foothills of Provo where we had walked around on one of our first dates. He asked if we should go up there "just for old time's sake." I agreed, and we started up the path. We reached a certain point, and Sam stopped me. "Kaitlyn...I know this is kind of weird..." he started. He explained that he hadn't used the restroom since before he had gone into the lab about 12 hours before. Before he had a chance to explain further, I told him I would sit and wait for him while he went and took care of business. Really, he had placed flowers and a card in a tree with a flashlight shining on it, and when we had passed that place, the light had gone out! He had to hurry back down the trail, put the flowers and card in a different location, and shine the spare flashlight he had brought on them. (In his defense, he really hadn't used the restroom since before going to the lab, so he wasn't lying...)
We went a little further up the path before he suggested we turn around and head back down. We got to the rock outcropping where the things were placed, and Sam stopped to comment on the view. I agreed that it was beautiful, and then Sam pointed out the strange light on the rocks. I had just figured it was the moon shining on them in a weird way, so I brushed it off as nothing. But he suggested we go and see what it was. We went over, and I saw the card. Sam is very good at doing sweet things all the time, so I thought he had simply placed a card up there for me to find. I turned around to thank him and was startled to find him with a ring in his outstretched hand, asking me to marry him! I obliged, of course, and then he pointed out the flowers that were with the card. I was overjoyed, and we sat down on those rocks and set our wedding date right then, for December 27th..just 7 weeks away! While I thought he was in the lab the entire afternoon/evening, he actually picked up the ring, went up to Kaysville to get my dad's permission, and set things up in the mountains. 
It was such a beautiful time, and a wonderful memory. I am so grateful for Sam and that I get to be with him for eternity!

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  1. That was so sweet of Sam, Kaitlyn! I can't believe it's almost been a year since you were married! Amen and Amen!
    Avalon White


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