Monday, November 2, 2009

Little Explorer

We took Talmage on his first walk today! Of course I had to document the event with pictures! :) He was all about pulling silly faces again.
Gasp! What's that wall doing there?
Armed with his binky and ready to take on the world in his stroller
And a side note:  Talmage graduated from his newborn/size 0 shoes into size 1 today...something that doesn't usually happen for a couple of months at least! His new bulky, rubber-soled shoes make me want to avoid his powerful kicks all the more.


  1. Picture #3 is about the sweetest thing ever (with the exception of my boy of course :).

    Also, I know shoes are out, but how about diapers? Do you need any newborn sizes, 'cause Peter already wears size TWO! (And he fills them frequently)

  2. Ryan agrees with me on pic #3 - he let out an "aahh" when he saw it. Also, he commented on how big that binkie looks on Talmage's face - like it's sucking on him instead of vice versa.

  3. Wow, Peter wears size 2 diapers? Crazy! But you better hang on to your smaller'll probably be needing them again before TOO long! :)

    Thanks on picture #3! And I agree completely about the binkie! It looks huge! Thanks for telling me I can get them at Target, because it's definitely his favorite...

  4. We found them at our local grocery store too - check to see if yours has them. Also, you can get them in blue, which makes Ryan very excited (don't know why).


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