Monday, November 23, 2009

A Look at 6 Weeks

Yesterday Talmage turned 6 weeks old! The time sure is flying by with this little guy. Here are some tidbits about his development.

-He is sleeping really well at night, and will go 8-9 hours without eating, and generally only wakes up once or twice.

-He loves being able to see what is going on around him. If he is fussing, he will almost always stop if we stand him up, and sometimes he will move his feet up and down like he is walking. He seems to have a desire to be as big as us, so he wants to do exactly what we're doing.

-He has really grown attached to his mom and dad, and he does not like being left alone at all! He will protest if we leave him in a room without us for more than a minute or so, and will sit quite contentedly in his chair while I make dinner, sort laundry, get ready, etc. as long as he can see me right next to him.

-He loves licking things. While he has been experimenting with his tongue for a couple of weeks now, he has recently begun licking anything that is close enough for him to! Whether it is his shirt collar, overalls, blanket, or a person, his tiny little tongue will frequently dart out and start exploring whatever is near his mouth.

-He likes having the top of his head covered, but hates having his face covered. One day I was making dinner when I heard a series of rather urgent grunts. I turned around and saw that he had pulled his spit cloth up over his face so it was completely covered. It was as if he was saying, "Um, excuse me! A little help here!" He was calm as soon as I removed the spit cloth.

-He has recently discovered how fun it is to grab my hair and yank it, and will take the opportunity to do so anytime he can.

-He smiles and coos frequently, and will also imitate our facial expressions.

-He loves reading stories. The other day I pulled out a bunch of his board books and started reading them to him. He stared transfixed at each page, intently studying the animals, trucks, and other fun things.

-He startles at the funniest things! Yesterday in Church there were plenty of loud noises...talks in the microphone, singing, organ music...and he was dozing through it all. Suddenly someone across the chapel coughed, and he jumped so hard he nearly flew out of my arms!

-He is still full of crazy facial expressions, and Sam and I will often spend quite some time just staring at him as he is laying down, highly entertained by them!

He is such a ray of sunshine in our home. Being parents has multiplied the joy we felt being married.

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  1. Talmage sounds like he has a lot of personalaty! Can he get any cuter?
    Aunt Avalon


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