Friday, November 6, 2009

A Few of my Favorite Things

Hi, guys! Talmage here. Mom put this outfit on me yesterday, and it says "Our Favorite Toys" on the front of it. I decided to tell you what some of my favorite things are!
I just love Primary songs. Mommy sings them to me every night at bedtime, and sometimes Daddy sings them to me too. Daddy found out that my favorite song is "I Am Like a Star." It just makes me feel so calm and happy inside when I hear it. Don't you like it, too?
My favorite time of day is about 9:00 am. Not only is this feeding time, but I just feel really calm and happy at this time! I am really alert and awake, but not upset, and my tummy usually isn't feeling sick yet. But my second favorite time of day is about 9:00-11:00 pm! Before Mommy had me, I would squirm and kick every night at that time. I just love being awake then! But Mom and Dad are trying to teach me to go to bed during that time, so they do all sorts of crazy things to keep me awake after about 5:00 pm.
I have lots of different binkies! But this is the one they gave me at the hospital. I know it looks silly and just about takes over my face, but it's just my very favorite! We've been through a lot together. It was there for me when I was being poked and hurt a lot, and things like that just make a man and his binky bond, ya know?
I really love swinging. Sometimes it puts me to sleep, though! It just feels so good to rock back and forth! But it's a good thing I have a portable swing, too, because I really like to be close to Mom and Dad.
What are some of your favorite things?


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  2. Hi Talmage! This is Peter. My mommy really loves this post - she thinks you are so cute (sometimes it makes me jealous how your mom takes such cute pictures of you).

    I really like Primary songs too. I think they are okay when Mommy sings them to me, but I usually yell because I know it means it's bedtime. I love it when kids sing them, though. My mom plays the CD's for me, and I like to smile and sing along. I also love it when Aunt Avalon holds me and sings Primary songs. I don't know I Am Like a Star - maybe you can teach it to me when you come visit.

    I like eating too. I'm sorry that your tummy gets so sick. Maybe my mom can tell you some of the things that made my tummy better, because it's so nice to have a full belly.

    Do you like shoes? It seems like it because you wear such big hard ones. I don't really like shoes very much. I will tolerate them if they are all soft, but I usually make my mommy take them off in the evening because I get mad at the end of the day and won't tolerate things that bug me. Please don't kick me when you come unless you take your shoes off first. :)

    P.S. I really think you are cute too, but don't tell my mom I said so.

  3. I am sorry my son made such a long comment on your post. I'll try to keep better track of him next time.

    I love this post! Such a cute outfit! And the poking out upper lip is just adorable. That Talmage has such a cute face.

  4. Dear Peter,

    Wow, thanks for commenting on my very first post! I'll tell my mom to call your mom to find out how to make me feel better. And don't worry about the kicks-I only kick my mom when I'm laying on her lap and she is getting ready to feed me. I am just so excited to meet you!


    Dear Chicken Dust,

    Your son can make comments like that on any post he chooses! We love reading them over and over. :)



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