Monday, October 5, 2009

We Graduated!

What a great feeling to finish up at BYU and head off to start new adventures! Sam graduated, and I was able to walk, although my I won't get my diploma until I finish up my online class. Sam got to say the prayer for the ceremony, so he was up on the stand, and they were nice enough to arrange for me to sit up there with him!
We're the ones in the center of the picture. Sorry it's kind of blurry.
This is us with Sam's mentor, Dr. O'Neill.
Here we are with my parents.
Here we are with Sam's mom, brother (Don), and sister (Kellie).
And with his dad...

Showing off our baby!

In front of the Brigham Young statue and my workplace, the Abraham O. Smoot Building.
And a few weeks later, Sam's diploma arrived! He is officially a BYU graduate.


  1. Umm... You got jipped. That man got to wear prettier robes than you did!

  2. He got to wear prettier robes than everyone, because he's from Ireland and that's what his university doctoral robes look like! :) Although I am partial to the blue of our least you will still be wearing blue!


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